Could be the Government Accounting Office Playing Politics?

It’s my rivalry that the GAO or Government Accounting Office is busy enjoying politics, and thus, I think we must shut this office of our government. I have already been studying several studies and I locate them to be filled with left-leaning discourse, and non-factual findings.

In fact, it’s really bothering me because I’ve seen these reports on Health Care Expenses, Illegal Aliens, Military Initiatives, and Power, which indeed, forced the limits of truth, and therefore, I locate them  akin to “Community Person” believe container business, which is work by way of a legislation organization and lobbyist class in Washington DC.

How on Planet can we assume our government to be honest with us, when they’re not really honest with themselves. These studies are utilized by decision producers and our legislative part to produce important decisions for our society, government, society, and industry place. I want a complete separate “analysis” of this agency, along with a true accounting of what’s happening. I do want to know the percentage of democrats in the employee’s roster. I believe the people have a directly to know.

We cannot and should never let an company which will be designed to foster a reality check be jaded in politics or claim non-truths, misinformation, or politically jaded commentary. For the GAO to mention that it is neutral is baloney, as you are able to tell whenever you read their reports that they’re completely left leaning.

The GAO isn’t financed with duty payer’s money to support or challenge a specific political perspective, I’m troubled, saddened, and disappointed at the political correctness there, but instead of applying those decision words, allow me to clarify. The GAO for me threads reports which are manufactured politically remaining hovering BS. I’m fed up with it and I’m maybe not pleased.

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